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About Easy4U


About Easy4u

The FCA approved Easy4U subscription-based offering designed to assist schools, MAT, Trusts in providing personalised, full-service education devices to their students and staff.

Key features of this service include a customised school webshop, a self-service portal, and comprehensive servicing and repair coverage, which includes protection against accidental damage and theft.

One notable aspect is the seamless process for parents, who are not subjected to credit checks or rental interest charges, making Easy4U school devices both affordable and durable, specifically tailored for the education sector. This also relieves the leadership from the responsibility of frequent device upgrades, costs and hardware support.

Importantly, the Easy4U service keeps these devices off the school's balance sheet, reducing financial risks and eliminating administrative burdens. The UK-based Easy4U service centre manages production, system integration, and onsite delivery, allowing the school's IT teams to focus on supporting students and staff.

The custom support portal provided by Easy4U streamlines the process for handling hardware issues, with Easy4U teams taking care of repairs and replacements, eliminating the need for schools to maintain in-house repair stock or replacement equipment.

This subscription service is exclusive to CTS and demonstrates an innovative approach to addressing digital poverty, promoting wider device usage and digital technology adoption, and making education more accessible, engaging, inclusive, and effective for all students.


How we keep 1:1 device schemes easy for schools

Easy4u 1:1 student laptop solution - How it works for parents


Meet the team

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Neal Grayston

Managing Director - Been in the IT Industry,  Business & Education sector 40+ years


Peter Maslyn

Marketing and Communications Director - Over  30 years of experience in education technology. 


Sagar Mulji

Head of Sales - 22 years of technical experience in the EDU sector as a Head of IT in State & Independent Schools. Focusing on migration to the cloud, staff and pupil training, and the internal creation of 1-2-1 device schemes.


Richard harris

Head of Service - 16 Years in Education IT at the coalface ensuring our Customers get the best service possible.


Harrison Grayston

Account Manager – 5 years in the IT  Industry, and for the last 2 years working on the backend of the  Easy4u systems as Customer Service Analysist. 


Michael Smith

Account Manager with over 15 years of experience working in the education sector across employee benefits, parental engagement software and recruitment.


Ross Collins

Account Manager worked within Education for over 5 years, working with schools, colleges, MATs and Universities across the UK to support them in their IT transformation and to achieve their learning outcome goals


Simon Tarry

Account manager with over 12 years experience in the education sector across recruitment, safeguarding solutions, site access and security and asset management software. 

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