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How we work

Devices in the classroom


1 Communication

  • Attendance at Open mornings/evenings to introduce scheme to parents.
  • Presentation during an information evening/webinar, including demo equipment.
  • School-specific order leaflet and webshop.
  • Reminder emails to parents.

2 Ordering

  • Devices tailored for educational use.
  • Rent or purchase.
  • No credit checks.
  • Includes school device security protocols.
  • Creation of a parent and student Easy4u account.

3 Configuration

The devices are configured specifically for each student or teacher.

  • Imaging/registration in school specific domain/MDM.
  • Fully charged.
  • Provided with personalised service tag.
  • Equipped with a solid moisture-proof protective cover.
  • Provision of Intune data.

4 Delivery

Delivery in the name of the student or teacher.

  • The student receives a collection note by email.
  • The student signs digitally and receives a confirmation email.
  • The device is ready to use!
  • Assured, prompt delivery.

5 Service, damage
and theft cover

  • A loan device in event of repair or damage.
  • No labour, repair or transport costs.
  • Service organised for the school.
  • Includes damage and theft cover with a limited excess.

Convenience and Security

How the subscription works



  • Special educational device with a solid housing and protective rubber edging.
  • An active battery of at least 6 hours.
  • Latest WiFi technology for fast and stable wireless use.
  • Choice of models is agreed in advance with the educational institution.


  • Education-related basic installation.
  • Re-installation of software at school possible with special image network.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM).


  • Loan device during repair.
  • Service via school.Online parent and student portal.
  • Always a single point of contact for the customer.

Damage and
theft coverage

  • Damage and theft cover with a limited excess per event.
  • Includes solid, moisture-resistant protective cover.

On what terms?

  • Purchase or rental directly with parents of the students, teachers or educational institution.
  • For renting, the user or renter pays a deposit in advance equal to four rental instalments.
  • For renting, service, damage and theft coverage is always included. For purchase, damage and theft coverage is optional.
  • Payment for renting is done in advance per month / per year by Direct Debit without credit check.
  • Possibility to take over the device at the end of the rental period.